Selection Underground

Born in march-2004 to offer to the public of Tenerife a new concept of leisure in the island. Carrying out the electronic scenario to places far from the urban cores where the assistant public can enjoy the freshest and elegant sounds, surrounding them with the most prestigious environments of the island.

We made it to reach the public with events as S.Underground Vilas, PlayGround After, PlayGround Matinee, PlayGround Night where we counted with national/international artists as Hector Couto, Jamie Jones, Nick Curly, Mirko Loko, Robert Dietz, Wally Lopez, Dani Casarano, Alex Picone, Fran Roger, Adam Shelton, Hector and more high level Canary artists. Also, we counted with events as Supermartxé and Matineé OnTour.

Selection Underground knew how to open a place for themselves in the electronic scene of Canarias thanks to a combinations of elements that were treated with a complete professionality offering a quality product.