Santo Carnaval

Buenas Vibras

Buenas Vibras was born in October 2016 in the restless minds of the Hernandez Brothers with the objective of being able to offer the public and assistants a different way of feeling the electronic music in the island.

Along this years, their events could be enjoyed in different places of the island as clubs, terraces or open-air venues, having their residence fixed in Berlín89 since 2018.

In the Carnivals of 2019,  Buenas Vibras present their most ambitious project until the date, project with who, they took one of the most important streets of the ‘chicharrero Carnival’  (old street of San Jose) where they played their Buenas Vibras Kiosk, becoming one of the most affluent point of the Tenerife’s Carnival.

The philosophy of Buenas Vibras is fomenting the good mood, the electronic music and surrounding people with good friends while enhancing local artists having as residents: The Hernández, Alex Wellmann, Sergio Glez, YRM, Kevin Ramos, O.Robles, Pablo Hdez and Kevin.